Monday, 11 August 2014

Impact of Yoga and Exercises on life

Effect of yoga on one's individual is such that can't be ignored..It not only reduces mental stress but also developes strength and refresh one's mind within.. In our daily routine we have lot of mental stress,tensions,problems but there is a way to remove all these undesired problems that is yoga.

Benefits Of Yoga

1. It is seen that people who are regular in yoga and spend approx. 8 hours a day in yoga have sleep well as the way food is important for the body as the yoga and exercises for the mind.

2. Insomnia patients can also have get relief to some extent by doing exercises like padmasan,surya parnama etc.

3.It also helps to increase immunity due to which various problems like heart attack,high blood pressure can be cured.

4.Cancer patients must do yoga for their curance and moreover it increases flexibility and reduce stress, tension.

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