Wednesday, 6 August 2014

         How Beauty Products Are Harmful For Us

All of us try to look more beautiful and fashionable in parties,marriages and other occasions also, try to being more superior than others by applying more and more beauty products ignoring the fact of its ingredients used in the product which are very harmful for us and in daily routine also people use many beauty products like girls use gloss,eye liner etc. and boys use gel,deo
without taking in consideration the effects of it..So let us know the harmful effects of beauty products.

1. The Cosmetics Industry uses thousands of synthetic chemicals in beauty products from lipstick to lotion and from shampoo to shaving cream.

2. The chemicals used in personal care products even it those chemicals are linked with cancer.Many other problems like breast cancer,infertility or birth defects are also on the verge.

3.Certain chemicals used in products are lead, aluminium,13-butadiene,parabens etc.

Lead- It is the chemical used in various beauty products like lipstick,nail paints,foundation,sunscreen etc. it is proven neurotoxin linked to behavioural problems.It is also linked with miscarriage,reduced fertility in men and women..

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