Friday, 18 July 2014

How To Make Yourself a New Person

Ever thought about making yourself a new, better person? You know, changing and making a difference in your own life, to feel better. Sometimes we feel like we are still the same, and that isn't always a good thing. Changes can be really healthy and good for our self-esteem and one's self confidence..

1. According to your needs and choices you can change your wardrobe, clothes that are comfortable to you and colours that suited u the most..and moreover you can change your dressing style..

2. Change your hair- You can get a haircut and style it in a new way that you like. Or maybe dye it a different color. Do whatever makes you feel the most confident.

3.Treat yourself- You can get a new perfume, do your own nails, or just take a hot bath every once in a while.

4. Change things you dislike- Don't just complain, do something about it! Make a list of somethings you'd like to change and pick one to work on at a time. Keep in mind though, a lot of physical things cannot be changed, so don't be too hard on yourself.

5. Meet new people-Go to new places, interact freely with new people, it's really healthy to surround yourself with different, interesting people.


1. Firstly change is must in life, so change the things you want to, that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and always remember the change is for yourself,you are doing for yourself not for the others sake.

2. Secondly attitude is must.. You must know how to react in front of someone, where to keep calm and where attitude is required..Not too much calm and feeling supressed is good and neither get so angry or rude is good, u should be balanced.

3. Thirdly engage in physical activities according to your interests like joining any sport of your interest and indulging in music,playing guitar,violin etc. that matters to you.

4. Last but not the least you should be confident in what you are doing..Be practical and be sure what you are doing and believe in yourself and then see you are the awesome..

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