Friday, 8 August 2014

Importance of Dry Fruits for our Skin

It is very much important to intake atleast one handsome amount of dry fruits as they are layered with large amounts of fatty acids which are essential for every individual and helps to keep the body healthy and fit and moreover dry fruits have adverse effects on skin too which can't be ignored.Therefore you may have notice that many of dry fruits as

core ingredients of beauty products.Let us see the wonderful benefits that dry fruits provide to us.

1. Almonds:- Although in looks they appear small but their uses and benefits are large. Almonds are packed with fatty acids,essential vitamins and proteins and also helps in treatment of acne.They are also used in face packs.You can remove your dirt and dead cells from your skin by applying the mixture of soaked almonds with milk.You can also apply almond oil  on hair for your smooth and long hair.It also improves haemoglobin level in one's body and helps in prevention of lung and 
breast cancer.It is rich in vitamin E so intake of almonds helps in reducing the pimples and other skin related problems.

2. Walnuts:-It is one of the healthiest dry fruit which has high amount of good fats and nutrients.It has omega 3 fatty acids which nourishes dry skin and improve its texture.It is also known as brain food.

3. Cashew Nuts:- It is an old saying that cashew nuts contain fats but if taken in adequate amount helps in reducing weight.It also prevents skin damage and it also protects cracked heels and nourishes them.They are rich in vitamin E and have anti-ageing property as well.It also helps in controlling blood pressure,prevents migraine and cholesterol level.

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