Thursday, 24 July 2014

How Fruits Are good for skin

 Fruits are best medicine for our health,this fact can't be ignored.So let us know how fruits are beneficial for us:-

 1. Banana- Banana is abundantly available in india and is very common fruit.Its a good source of iron,magnesium and potassium and helps reduce menstrual cramps.The effect of banana on skin is too that can't be ignored.Bananas are rich in vitamin A,B and E and hence helps as an anti ageing agent..

2. Lemon - Lemon juice is most important ingredient in Indian recipes.With its vitamin C content ,its juice will keep your skin beautiful.Applying a mixture of mashed apple,honey,rose water and oatmeal can act as a great exfoliating mask on your skin.
3. Papaya- This fruit has great importance since our ancient times.Papaya is rich in antioxidants and contain a special enzyme papain that can kill dead cells and cure skin impurities..
4. Mango- Mango is the king of all fruits.Not just because of its taste but also for health benefits.Rich in vitamin A and rich antioxidants it fights against skin aging,regenerates skin cells and restores the elasticity of skin..

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