Thursday, 7 August 2014

How Vegetables Are Helpful For Your Body

 Your parents might be forcing you to take vegetables but you know they are on the right track..Intake of vegetables is must or you can say necessary for our growth and body metabolism..Vegetables are filled with minerals,proteins and many other important vitamins which helps in proper functioning of the body and also helps to reduce your chronic health issues like heart disease,eye and digestive problems,high blood pressure and even cancer related problems also. so intake of vegetables is must.Most vegetables have high nutrient  content which helps to maintain the balance and growth of the body and moreover contain nutrients such as potassium,vitamin A and C.

*  Vitamin C- It helps in wound and cut healing and also keeps gum strong.Vitamin C helps in iron absorption.

* Vitamin E- This vitamin penetrates deep into the skin and can be stored into the body.It helps us to protect against high damage UV rays and protect us from heat radiations.It can also be found in green leafy vegetables.

Vegetables  used to decrease redness and yellowness of skin which adds to the attractive look of individual.

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