Wednesday, 6 August 2014

 How to make your skin Glowing and Healthy

This is obvious to say that what you eat is what you gain...If you put food rich in fat,cooked in oil and contains lots of sugar in it then definitely you will put on lot of weight and it is applicable to skin also..Skin also needs healthy food to stay glowing and younger for long time.People who want their skin healthy, glowing and supple have to take in consideration the intake of food they are having, what type of food they are putting in their body..So let us know the foloowing things we should add to our diet to keep the skin glowing and healthy.

1. Water- The main and important thing which is to be put in body is water. More you drink water more other stuffs will get eliminated from your body.

2.Green Tea- If you don't want to drink water you must try green tea,it is very beneficial for skin..You can drink cold or even warm according to your mood. Avoid adding sugar or milk to it for best skin results.

3.Tomatoes-This is another thing/vegetable that is rich in anti-oxidants and helps to absorb free radicals which in turn lessens the skin problems and gives you healthy skin.

4.Carrots- If you wan to intake of vitamin A but you don't like green leafy vegetables then you must take red carrots that will help to reduce your skin problems.

5.Oranges- Oranges are good for skin as they are rich in vitamin C.

6. Flax seeds- If you don't want to eat non-veg food just for the sake of your skin e.g. fish then here is an alternative, you can eat flax seeds and cook with flax seed oil.

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