Monday, 7 July 2014

Beauty ;)

Beauty Tips For Glowing Eyes ;)

  • Fresh Milk is a great Eye Cleanser. Take a Clean Cotton ball dippped in milk and applied on Eyes.
  • Apply One or Two Drops of Pure Rose Water for the Glow of Your Eyes.
  • Sleep well for 6 to 8 hours daily
  • Massage Eye Brows and Eye Lashes with glycerin as it maintain the Density of your Eye Brows and Eye Lashes, giving your Eyes an Attractive Look.
  • Always protect your Eyes from Harmful Sun Rays and Try to Use Special Sun Glasses.
  • Increase intake of Vitamin A, C and E.
  • Eat more  Green Vegetables, Citrus Fruits, and Dairy Products Containing Calcium.
  • Infuse dried leaves and flowers of  Agrimony plant in  boiled water, and bathe your eyes with the water  to reduce swelling and itchy eyes.
  • Use of “Cucumber Slices” is one of the Best Natural Home Remedy for Dark Circles Under Eyes. Cucumber Not only Helpful for Removing Dark Circles but also Proved Helpful for Vanishing Eyes Redness and also Diminish Dryness of Skin under Eyes.
  • Apply thin Slices of Cucumber on Your Eyes making sure they have contact with the Effected skin under your Eyes. After 10 Minutes Remove them.

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